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Root Vegetable Pancakes

Root Vegetable Pancakes

Root Vegetable Pancakes Serve these up any time of the day for a delicious and unique way to acquire your carbs.  You can eat  one of these with 4oz of … Read More

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No Energy?

Are you tired of feeling like you have no energy? Do you feel you have tried to change your diet and still see no difference in energy? Are you seeking an answer? Here are the best dietary sources of energy – and which ones you want to steer clear of. 

Small Doses


Less Than 5 Grams of Sugar

Today's Small Dose: Get good at reading labels, and if it states greater than 5 grams of sugar per serving, choose an alternative. (Even a bag of sugar only has 4 grams of "sugar" … Read More

"Like many of you, I was frustrated with my health. It seemed nothing was working to help my thyroid and hormones work right. All I really wanted was to enjoy my life and my family without symptoms slowing me down. After having tried lots of different steps, I was so glad to realize that I still could be helped.

Dr. Christianson and the team at Integrative Health have made a huge difference for me. If your health is not where you want it, I highly recommend them to anyone else who wants to feel better.”

Gena Lee Nolin of Baywatch

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