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Zucchini Noodles with Bruschetta

This Adrenal Reset Diet approved recipe is a quick and delicious week night meal. Impress your guests and bring this to your next holiday party. Zucchini Noodles: Use a … Read More

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Hi There! I was mortified when I walked into my 6th grade classroom as the shy, new kid. As a kid who moved a lot, the first day in a new class was always the hardest. This time I was especially self conscious because of my weight. Believe it or not I even remember which […]

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Ginger reduces stress

Use Ginger to Lower your Stress

1-2 teaspoons of FRESH ginger can lower your stress! … Read More

"Like many of you, I was frustrated with my health. It seemed nothing was working to help my thyroid and hormones work right. All I really wanted was to enjoy my life and my family without symptoms slowing me down. After having tried lots of different steps, I was so glad to realize that I still could be helped.

Dr. Christianson and the team at Integrative Health have made a huge difference for me. If your health is not where you want it, I highly recommend them to anyone else who wants to feel better.”

Gena Lee Nolin of Baywatch

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