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Iodine. Should you or shouldn’t you?

In Arizona, many retirees spend their summers elsewhere.  To me, it marks the change of seasons to welcome my ‘snowbirds’ back in the fall and see them off in the spring. Several years ago I had a kind gentleman return for the winter with new symptoms: watery diarrhea after every […]

Who Needs Iodine?

Who needs iodine? Since the nuclear reactor disaster in Japan, countless people have been taking iodine supplements.  Many have just been stockpiling against possible need, but a sizable number have been taking mega-dose iodine prophylactically.  All scientific sources have stated that those in the continental United States have no significant […]

Why I Discourage High-Dose Iodine

By: Dr. Alan Christianson Remember how Goldilocks wanted her porridge not too hot, but not too cold, and her bed not too hard, but not too soft? Iodine is like this. Too little is not good, and too much is not good. Despite the fact that iodine is likely the […]

Can you fix thyroid disease with iodine?

By: Dr. Alan Christianson Can you fix thyroid disease with iodine? Listen to my podcast Top Thyroid Myths About Thyroid Disease and find out why I call it the ‘Goldilocks Mineral’. Don’t forget to subscribe to my podcast while you’re there to stay up to date on all of the […]

Another Reason to Avoid Vitamins with Iodine

The fact is that nothing affects the health of your thyroid more than your iodine intake. Today, I want to talk to you about another reason why avoiding vitamins with iodine is the right idea for your health.

How Much Iodine Is Best For You?

You may have come under the impression that iodine is either toxic and you should not have any in your system, or it’s great and the sky’s the limit. But, there is a healthy range that you can consider to learn just how much iodine is best for you.

How Much Iodine Do Americans Consume?

Iodine is such a source of confusion. You used to hear about getting too little and now there is more talk about getting too much. So how much do we get in the modern world?

The Iodine Controversy

Why in the world is iodine controversial? The funny thing is that it’s not. Except for within natural medicine. In today’s article, I wanted to explain why there are contrasting views. I’ll explain where these ideas came from, what their core claims are, and we’ll talk through the evidence on […]

Stabilize Thyroid

Jumpstart Your System for Optimal Results. Testing thyroid function is smart. But it’s the art of interpretation that optimizes your treatment and the results. To jump-start your thyroid, start with an accurate diagnosis. What causes a destabilization in your thyroid? One thing can be eating too much processed sugar and […]

Thyroid Function Naturally Enhanced In 5 Steps

Did you know that thyroid disease can cause unexplained weight gain and fatigue? It can also cause depression, hair loss, anxiety, dry skin and poor memory. When tested randomly, at least 10% of adults are found to have thyroid disease. In additional 10-15% of adults may have early thyroid disease. […]