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1 Month Energy Challenge!

One of the more common questions I hear at the office is “How can I give myself more energy?” To achieve this the best starting place is to discover why you are tired in the first place. How much sleep are you getting? Are you drinking a daily dose of caffeine? How much sitting down do you really do?

I challenge you to try 1 month of the following steps and see if you’re still tired. You’d be amazed how often debilitating fatigue can be from simple lifestyle issues….and how EASY it is to gain your energy back!

1) Go to sleep! How much sleep do you get? Any hours of sleep count at anytime but what you get before midnight counts the most. Naps are OK, they do not impair the quality of your nighttime sleep. Any frequent waking, gasping, tooth grinding or breathing issues warrant a doctor’s visit and maybe a sleep study. TV, computer off by 8, in bed by 9:30.

2) No Caffeine. If you are tired, try going off caffeine for 1 month. Energy drinks, coffee and tea are loan sharks. You’ll get a little boost today but you’ll need even more rest tomorrow. Repeat the cycle enough and you’ll be tired at all times. After waking, how early is your breakfast and what does it include? Have high fiber starch like oatmeal, fiber one or, my favorite, pinto beans. Include protein like eggs, soy protein powder or smoked salmon. Have a serving of berries and you’re off to a great start.

3) Exercise. This is now an ideal time for exercise. Strive for an hour of anything that keeps your heart rate up. Brisk walking, jogging, cycling, aerobic classes, treadmill, swimming, hiking – its all good.

4) Snack.  After your workout have a recovery snack. I use Recoverite from Hammer nutrition. 1 banana blended with 1 scoop of protein powder with 1000 mg of glutamine also works well. Throughout the day eat every 2-4 hours including produce, high fiber carbohydrates and lean protein. Drink a glass of water every 1-2 hours.

5) Be grateful. Take some time to reflect on things that you’re thankful for. No matter how tough times are, the worst off in America have so much more resources than the best off in most of the world.

6) Get Electrolytes. If you’re still tired, go on an ‘electrolyte intensive’.

Try Endurolyte caps, 2 every hour for 1 week then as needed. These are the sparks our cells need to generate energy. More of them will make you more energetic, more alert and make your muscles preform better. Along with that try coconut water and unsalted tomato juice.

Are you up for the 1 month challenge? If you’d like to publicly share your commitment, post your commitment below. We’ll cheer you on!

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