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Thyroid and MTHFR Interactions

Listen in as Dr. Christianson and Dr. Lynch Discuss Your Thyroid and MTHFR Interactions Did you know that your genes are affecting your thyroid? Whether you like it or not, genetic defects are at work in your body, directly or indirectly interfering with thyroid production.  In this enlightening and informative […]

What Causes Thyroid Disease Part 2 of 3

  What Causes Thyroid Disease Part 2 of 3: Hi there. Dr. Alan Christianson here with you again and this is “What Causes Thyroid disease number two of three.” So, in the last episode we talked about the main three elements that come together: the genes, the environment and the […]

Are Beets Safe For Your Thyroid?

I recently heard of an interesting study. In it, research suggested that beets might be dangerous for those with thyroid disease. Once I heard it, I knew I had to find out whether or not this was true. So, today, let’s dig in: are beets safe for your thyroid?

Top 21 Nutrients for Optimal Thyroid Function

I have something really important I want to share with you. I’m often asked the kind of nutrients that are helpful for thyroid disease, especially for those already on a healthy diet. That begs the question: are supplements even helpful for thyroid disease? If so, which should you take? How much […]

Top 6 Foods You May Not Be Eating That Can Help Autoimmunity

Are you still struggling with autoimmune thyroid disease symptoms, despite taking your thyroid medication? Ultimately, it can seem like when you finally get two steps ahead, you take three steps back.