Your health is a matter of fact. Your treatment is a matter of opportunity.

Relieve pain and Pain relief

Born in science.  Balanced by nature.  Especially for you.

Our philosophy is as pure as our intent: Provide smart, safe, primarily natural and scientific solutions for you to live ‘in good health’. Each of our doctors practice natural endocrine care using diagnostic exams and laboratory tests, natural medications, clinical nutrition, and lifestyle counseling.

We help unmask the root cause of illness and assist your body’s innate healing abilities. Solutions that work with your body, not against it.

The result? A revitalized self. A more vibrant you. The health you deserve.

Reset your health. Reset your life. We’d love to help.

Integrative Health is located in sunny Scottsdale, Arizona. We invite you to visit us and begin a ‘Fresh Approach To Living Well’.

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Meet Our Doctors

Fresh ideas. Individualized Attention. A Positive Approach.

At Integrative Health, we champion health care solutions that you can feel good about.

Each of our doctors practice primary care medicine using diagnostic exams and laboratory tests, clinical nutrition, herbal medicine and lifestyle counseling. Other therapies offered include homeopathy, acupuncture and natural pain management.

We take the time to listen to you to understand your health needs and goals. Whether you are trying to improve your health, prevent disease,  strengthen immunity, or balance your hormones, your doctors can help you meet your goals with a fresh approach to living well.

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A stronger body.  A more vibrant you.

Natural Health or Aletnative Health Treatment Options

Each person, each body is unique. Experience our fresh approach to living well.

We blend advanced medical research and practices with proven complementary therapies and/or medications to help you achieve maximum health and well-being.

Tomorrow’s transformation begins today.  Take charge. Go where you want to go. Do what you want to do. At Integrative Health, we use a fresh approach to help you reclaim your energy.

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Discovering a More Revitalized You

Integrative Health Patient Info in Scottsdale Arizona

Renew yourself.  Revive your life.

By discovering a true picture of your health, your opportunity to look and feel your best comes by first removing any obstacles to your great health. Therefore, our physician’s comprehensive patient visits ensure that time is invested to make certain a complete understanding of your health history, and your goals, is gathered and understood.

Together, we will collectively define a wellness plan that fits within your lifestyle; one that you can commit to and are excited about incorporating every day. A comprehensive wellness plan for the good of your health, and for the balance of your life.

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