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November 2, 2010
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December 10, 2010

Avoid Holiday Weight Gain!

Habits die hard.  When you try to make change, you often run your mind through the reasons why it is hard.  This kind of data has been called ‘TBU’ for True But Useless.  We know why things don’t work, it is not helpful to further explore the obstacles.  What is useful is that a small correction can yield huge improvement.  So what is the tiny change that you can do that can radically improve your health?

Well, most disease comes from lifestyle.  The largest single problem with your lifestyle is that it causes you to gain weight.  When does most weight gain occur?  A recent study shows that most weight gain occurs from October to December.  When it comes to holiday weight gain, we have a disconnect between our perceptions and reality.

Americans actually gain less than they think each holiday season, but they also take off less than they think afterwards.  Most adults pack on an extra pound or two each season and never take it off.  Think about it, from age 20 to age 40 that’s an extra 20-40 pounds.  This can raise you risks for cancer, heart disease and diabetes over 4 fold.  Ironically, the biggest single problem with weight gain is also the main cosmetic concern: belly fat!

Fat around your midsections is like a time bomb.  The omentum is the organ that holds new fat and when it has extra, it seeps out toxic inflammatory chemicals that hurt your blood vessels, weaken your immunity and disrupt your blood sugar control.

OK, so now we know the timing of weight gain but, what is the one easy way to counter it?  I propose doing nothing different over the holidays.  Be reasonable with indulgences, but enjoy yourself.  The trick will be to go into the holidays leaner and healthier then ever and ending them even better yet.

I propose that we take a week before the holiday season to speed our metabolism, drop several pounds and get rid of toxins stored in our fat tissue.

Join me and our staff for a one week ‘Rejuvenation’ process!  Not only will you prevent holiday weight gain, you’ll get caught up from the last several years!

You’ll love this process – I’ve made and tested a great soup recipe and custom formulated some detox supplements to work with it.

For more information click here.

One of the many powerful ingredients in the soup is turmeric.  Even after the cleanse, it is a great thing to use daily this time of year.  It fights viruses and lessens seasonal colds and flu’s.  It is a great pain reliever.  No more stomach or kidney damage from anti-inflammatory drugs.  It also helps protect your liver.  There are lots of ways to use it.  Plain old turmeric straight off the spice rack of your grocery store can give all these benefits.  1/2 a teaspoon daily with meals is a good dose.  Some like to encapsulate this or buy it in capsules.  This dose is roughly 3 capsules.  Some brands concentrate curcumin, which is one of the more active ingredients.

One I really like is called Meriva.  It is a curcumin concentrate in a highly absorbed form.  For many it can work better than Advil and without short term or long term side effects.  Of course turmeric is great in your food also.  Any chicken or fish dish can do well with 1/4 – 1/2 of a tsp of it.  What I love the best is fresh turmeric.  It is a little hard to find, but most Asian supermarkets have it.  Whenever I get down to the Ranch Market at the Chinese Cultural center I’ll stock up and keep it frozen.  It looks just like fresh ginger, but when you cut into it the color is like that of a carrot.  The taste is like dried turmeric but much smoother.  A few grated tsp of it will make your soups extraordinary!

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