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June 16, 2014
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June 16, 2014

Beauty Juice

Hi There!

Hope your summer is off to an awesome start. Do you all remember hearing about the ‘5 a day’ beverage that I love? Its popularity keeps on growing and growing. After my dear wife told a reporter friend about it, Huffington Post started calling it: “This Summer’s Beauty Juice.”

            Huffington Post 

If you don’t know how to make it, don’t despair, there is video guidance. Many of you pointed out to that my original probably won’t be nominated for any best producer awards. I plan to redo it shortly.  

Thankfully some sweet p5 a day drink Dr. Alan Christiansonageant friends, who are much easier on the eyes and in possession of a decent studio, did another video about how to make it: Beauty Juice – Pageant Professors. The one thing I’d mention is that you want to add a few cups each of water and ice.  


Weekend before last was a fun time. One of the national medical conferences I attend was here in Scottsdale. That meant that dozens of my good friends from all over the country were right here. I got to treat them to the wonders of cryotherapy and have them over to my home for an evening party. What did I serve to drink? You guessed it: 5 a days! I made at least 10 blenders full of it and just kept pouring. Yep, we got pretty wild :)


In all seriousness, the most helpful thing you can do with your diet is eat more fresh colorful produce. The easiest, tastiest and quickest way I know how to do this is with the five a day. The taste is really great. If you’re worried, add less celery and spinach, more blueberries, and throw in an apple. Enjoy!

In Good Health,


Dr. Christianson

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