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July 4, 2017
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July 4, 2017

Case Study: Water to the Rescue

What can boost energy and metabolism, improve brain function and is readily available all day every day… water.

Although most individuals drink about eight servings of hydrating beverages per day, these efforts are often counterbalanced by drinking caffeinated beverages and alcohol as well as fluid loss due to exercise and climate.

Hydration status has been researched and found to affect your energy. In fact, some studies suggest that chronic dehydration is actually found to be the #1 cause of midday fatigue.

Some studies suggest that consuming cold water can boost healthy individual’s metabolic rate by around 30 percent by encouraging the body to expend more energy heating the cold water. This done daily can have additive effects and lead to more energy and stamina to help your maintain a workout regimen which will also results in metabolic benefit – a win win.

Even mild dehydration, has been shown to put stress on brain functioning and has been linked to increases in anxiety and agitation as well as declines in concentration and short-term memory.

A recent case that comes to mind in which hydration was a big concern was with a 43yo female whom originally presented to the clinic with the diagnosis of Adrenal Fatigue. We completed a full workup including blood work and a salivary cortisol testing and confirmed that she did in fact have adrenal dysfunction as well Vitamin D deficiency and some mild hormonal imbalances. There were also some markers found in her blood chemistry including abnormal electrolytes and kidney function that indicated that she was dehydrated. This patient considered herself “very “hydrated, drinking the recommended 8 cups of water daily” and did not consider this a contributor to her symptoms. She also reported drinking 1-3 cups of coffee daily beginning in the morning and often extending into the mid-afternoon. Lastly, she enjoyed outdoor exercise including biking as well as hot yoga – both great workouts that can deplete electrolytes.

Most of us know that we are supposed to drink at least the standard recommendation of ½ of or body weight in fluid ounces of water, but according to new research, up to 75 percent of Americans are functioning in a chronic state of dehydration. That standard recommendation does NOT take into account activity level nor countering the effects of dehydrating beverages and foods.

Not every individual must have abnormal labs values like my patient above to consider dehydration of concern. Some common but not always thought of symptoms of chronic dehydration include:

  • Fatigue (often midday)
  • Headaches
  • Brain fog
  • Irritability and/or anxiety
  • Bad breath
  • Cravings (especially sweets)
  • Dry and aged skin
  • Dizziness
  • Muscle cramps

For my patient mentioned above, her symptoms included daily debilitating fatigue, muscle aches and tension, headaches, dizzy spells and brain fog. She was recommended to our clinic by a friend that she had met in a yoga class whom had experienced a lot of success with Integrative health in treating her Adrenal Fatigue. This friend reported increasing her athletic performance, losing weight and boosting energy. My new patient was eager to achieve results in that she had tried many regimens of adrenal support, all of which provided some benefit but nothing completely addressed her symptoms. After reviewing her case history and having her complete adrenal salivary testing, she was found to fall into the category of the Wired and Tired Adrenal rhythm. We implemented lifestyle changes to benefit her sleep wake cycle, limited her exercise to more restorative and lesser high intensity workouts, added in a supplement protocol including adrenal support, vitamin D and Electrolyte Supreme powder. I also instructed this patient to begin a series of customized “hydrating” energy nutrient IVs to encourage more rapid hydration of tissue.

After 4 weeks, we had a scheduled follow up to review additional labs and to discuss her progress. She mentioned to me that in just a few short days after starting the Electrolyte Supreme Powder, her headaches, dizziness and muscle tension completely resolved – all issues that she had been battling on and off for years. She further discussed that after she completed her series of Nutrient IVs, her energy had improved in that she “was no longer needing caffeine later in the day to function”. She was also surprised that without her afternoon coffee jolt, she was feeling more mental clarity throughout her day. Lastly, and of her biggest celebrations, she had lost 4 pounds “without even trying” per her J We discussed how often giving the body the tools that it needs to succeed is often the most effective means of achieving results… we just need to be patient and listen.

This case is a prime example of how incorporating hydration into your daily routine, along with other therapeutic interventions, can be hugely impactful on your overall health.

Tips to help you stay hydrated

  • Begin your day with a large 8-12 ounce glass of water
  • Skip the dehydrating drinks ie) coffee, energy drinks, some teas, alcohol
  • Coconut Water – though higher in sugar so caution on consuming in excess, this has a good amount of electrolytes to help replenish depleted reserves.
  • Try our Electrolyte Supreme powder – add one. This has been my go-to tool in the Arizona heat, especially while I’m still breastfeeding my daughter which can be very depleting.
  • Nutrient IVs for hydration – especially during these summer months, this tool containing vitamins, minerals, amino acid and electrolytes can help you get back to hydrated immediately .
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