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Comprehensive Testing

True health defined. True relief found.

Whole Body Cryotherapy and Natural Health Wisdom states, “The truth will set you free.” Through comprehensive testing at our clinic, we discover the ‘true health’ of the systems in your body, which allows us to address the source of your discomfort. This discovery empowers you with the knowledge and comfort of ‘now I know what to do’ and frees you from the angst of ‘wondering what is wrong’. Yes, our system of comprehensive tests will identify your issues and their causes, but unique to IH is the exceptional interpretation of the findings. Our physician’s unique perspective is based on modeling your prognosis within the guidelines of a healthy, vibrant body versus the more traditional approach, which is measured against someone in disease. This innovative solution makes all the difference in your results.

Comprehensive Testing Options:

Adrenal Stress Testing

Adrenal stress tests provide a comprehensive 24 hour assessment of adrenal function, which is crucial as adrenal stress and/or exhaustion can be at the root of numerous physical and mental health concerns.

Allergy Testing

Helps discover causative agents that lead to inflammation, gas, bloating, coughing, wheezing and other symptoms.

Candida Testing

Candida albicans is a normal organism that lives in your GI tract. The normal balance of intestinal flora can be disrupted by aggressive use of antibiotics, high sugar intake, and certain types of medications, illness and diabetes. With candidiasis, symptoms can include fatigue, vaginitis, allergies, foggy brain and other symptoms.  Candidiasis can be effectively treated after accurate testing.

Endocrine Testing

Diagnose multiple symptoms through the measurement of specific hormonal levels, along with the function of different glands in your body. Your doctor may run tests to determine thyroid function, growth hormone function, reproductive hormones (estrogen, testosterone, progesterone, DHEA, etc.), bone density, mineral metabolism and adrenal function, based on your symptoms.

Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) Testing

Since individual test results for Fibromyalgia and CFS often appear normal and many of the symptoms mimic those of other disorders comprehensive tests combined with a systematic symptoms checklist is helpful to diagnose and treat fibromyalgia and CFS.

Heavy Metal and Chemical Testing

Patients with chronic illness or exposure to heavy metals or chemicals can benefit from having their levels assessed. A treatment plan is then created to address any issues.

Metabolic Analysis Testing

Your individual resting metabolic rate (RMR) is measured through oxygen uptake (VO2). This is a more accurate tool for weight management because it is based on how many calories you actually burn during a day. Once your RMR is calculated, your body fat is measured through bio-electrical impedance analysis (BIA). Your doctor will then customize a diet plan for you based on your requirements.

Nutritional Testing

IH offers several different nutritional panels. They are designed to test for amino acids, minerals, micro nutrients and vitamins. By finding your specific nutritional profile your doctor can tailor supplementation most efficiently.

Sex and Energy Testing*

Sex hormone levels change as you age, with some decreasing while others increase. Sometimes hormone levels can be out of balance, producing undesirable symptoms, including low energy and low sex drive. Testing helps detect these changes and directs our physicians in plotting a course of correction. With an eye on reproductive hormones, liver, adrenal and thyroid function, anemia, diabetes, and blood chemistry, our testing looks at a wide range of the medical causes of low energy.

Wellness Testing

Ever want to know exactly how your body and immune system stacks up in the overall “big” picture? Wellness panels go way beyond your basic chemistry panels and can show you areas needing improvement before they become a medical concern.

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