Confessions by Dr. Beardsley – Leading Authority in Naturopathic Endocrinology
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April 11, 2017
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April 24, 2017

Confessions by Dr. Beardsley

I have a confession to make – as any girl does – I LOVE SHOPPING! But I’m not talking about clothes, shoes or jewelry… I’m talking about whole, organic foods. At the risk of sounding nerdy – one of my favorite activities is shopping for and trying new nutrient dense foods.

With awareness of our “toxic environment” reality, my family and I make choices to lower our burden every day and to help our body detox as best we can. With our new Baby girl Leyla Jo  – we want to teach her healthy habits that will set her up for success.  Our weekend family routine always includes a nice morning hike with our dog Logan and then a trip to the local Farmers’ market.                        










This week I made sure to pick up some great detox produce including dandelion, beets and beet greens, ginger and turmeric to make a delicious and detoxifying juice. Leyla Jo helped gather the produce and even tried some of the Turmeric to make sure it was good.

We are exposed to toxic substances every day, and by incorporating some healthy detox routines for myself and my family, I can ensure that we are supporting our bodies to relieve this burden on a regular basis.  Some techniques beyond healthy organic produce that I love to do weekly include dry skin brushing, epsom salt baths and hot yoga (I like to sweat it out).  I encourage you to use the power of detoxification in your routine to strengthen and maintain your health.

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