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Heavy Metal Detox, or Chelation Therapy, is the administration of chelating agents to remove heavy metals from the body. You are at risk if you are frequently exposed to larger amounts of chemicals including: pesticides (farmers, pest control), paint (auto mechanics, house painters, print shops), and hair dyes (hairdressers).

Some patients are affected because they grew up near dump sites, or near rivers that were heavily polluted. Most have slower detoxification pathways and have more accumulation from everyday chemical exposure.

Symptoms of heavy metal poisoning are neuralgias, increased sensitivities to perfumes or odors, headaches, and other symptoms. After testing to determine the levels and types of heavy metals that may be present, nutrient recommendations and a schedule for chelation therapy will be made. Chelation for heavy metals is performed intravenously with agents designed to target the metal or metals that are at elevated levels.

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