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By: Dr. Lauren Beardsley

Are you having difficulty getting into the mood or finding that you want to spice things up but uncertain of where to start? Instead of waiting for Cupid’s Arrow to strike this Valentine’s Day – pick up your fork and take action into your own hands.

Studies have shown that certain vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and fatty acids found in everyday foods can help to boost hormone levels as well as increase nerve sensitivity throughout our bodies. These aphrodisiacs aid to boost sexual desire, performance. and arousal.

10 Foods that Feed your Sex Drive

Go ahead, eat your heart out

  1. Chocolate

Starting with the obvious – Chocolate is one of the best known aphrodisiac foods on the menu. This delicious dessert contains high amounts of Magnesium which can help you de-stress and feel very relaxed and calm. Dark Chocolate is rich in the chemical compounds phenylethylamine – a compound shown to release serotonin and the same endorphins released during sex.

  1. Black Raspberries

These berries are not only bursting with flavor, they help to create an attitude set for romance. The chemical properties in the fruit and seeds help enhance both libido and sexual endurance. Having a handful of these berries a few hours before “getting busy” has been found to help overall sexual vitality.

  1. Pine Nuts

For peak performance, try some PESTO. Pine nuts (like a few other foods including Oysters and Grass Fed Red meats) contain large quantities of the mineral Zinc. Zinc increases Testosterone levels and decreases production of prolactin, a hormone that can impair sexual function.

  1. Salmon

Omega 3 Fatty Acids, found in high quantities in this super food, are essential for increasing blood flow to your genitals. They can also boost the “feel good” brain chemical Dopamine, which helps individuals get into the mood.

  1. Eggs

Whether it’s breakfast in bed or breakfast for dinner – put an omelet on the menu. The high content of protein found in eggs can boost both energy and focus. Eggs are also a great source of Vitamin B6, which plays a large role in balancing hormones and boosting sex drive.

  1. Chili Peppers

If you really are looking to turn up the heat, Chili Peppers should make the plate.

As a bright red symbol of love, there is more to just this pepper’s vibrant appearance. Chili peppers stimulate the release of endorphins (our feel good brain chemicals) and cause our heart rate to increase as well as cause perspiration. This cascade of events mimics how we feel when we are aroused and therefore can lead to more and more of it.

  1. Watermelon

Let’s cool it down with this sweet libido-boosting treat. Watermelon is made up of 92% water and the remaining 8% is packed full of vital nutrients for sexual health. Researchers have revealed that this juicy fruit contains the compound citrulline, which the body takes in and converts to arginine, an amino acid that boosts nitric oxide levels in the body that then causes blood vessel relaxation and dilation. This mechanism is similar to the pharmaceutical Viagra (both Male and Female forms) and can boost blood flow to sex organs improving sexual performance and arousal.

  1. Broccoli

Let this provide more inspiration to include this green cruciferous vegetable with your next meal. Any way you like it – tossed in your salad, steamed next to your protein, or raw with a favorite dip – Broccoli is high in Vitamin C, which increases blood circulation to organs and has also been associated with an improved female libido.

  1. Bananas

Banana’s visibly carry symbolism for sexuality with its ever-so-slightly suggestive shape and carry many crucial vitamins and nutrients for sexual health. This fruit contains large quantities of the enzyme Bromelain (also found in Pineapple) which helps to lower inflammation and increase sex drive. Bananas are also a good source of B vitamins such as Riboflavin (Vitamin B2) which increase energy levels affecting sexual stamina and endurance. Lastly, bananas are very rich in potassium which is a vital mineral for hormone production as well as muscle strength – which influences the intensity of orgasm.

  1. Avocados

This healthy fat packed super fruit contains large amounts of a fat-soluble Vitamin E. Vitamin E has been referred to as the “Sex Vitamin” and helps your body produce sex hormones like testosterone, estrogen, and progesterone. Avocados also contain high levels of folic acid and B6 – both support your body to produce more energy.

AVOID these Libido Destroyers   

  1. Processed Baked Goods, Candy, and Sweets

Though the quintessential Valentine’s Day gift contains roses with a side of sweet treats, refined sugars totally kill your sex drive. Refined sugars knock out the immune system, lead to inflammation, raise blood sugar, and cause fatigue – all which make feeling sexy very unlikely. Instead of the box of caramel chocolates this year – try the below juice recipe for a refreshing sexy change.

Delicious “Better Sex” Juice Recipe

  • Apples – 2 medium (not peeled)
  • Carrots – 4 (not peeled)
  • Celery – 3 stalk, large
  • Cucumber – 1 whole
  • Ginger Root – 1/2 thumb
  • Lemon (with rind) – 1/2
  • Spinach – 2 cups

*Juice all together and enjoy chilled


Dr Lauren Beardsley(c) 2016- Integrative Health Care, PC

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Dr. Lauren Beardsley is a licensed Naturopathic Physician dedicated to helping individuals replenish, restore and renew balance. She received her Medical degree from the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine and Health Sciences (SCNM).  She received post graduate training in athletic performance optimization, pain management using physical manipulation and injection therapy, women’s health and bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.  In 2012, she was named one of Phoenix Magazines’s “Top Docs.”

Dr. Beardsley can be reached at and 480-657-0003.

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