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April 24, 2017
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Have You Ever Taken A Bacterial Selfie?

Being a mom and a doctor at the same time is awesome! I am learning so much from my toddler and I am fortunate to be able to help him get a great healthy start in life. My 2.5 year old son loves fruit, especially strawberries!  Not a bad thing to enjoy, but moderation is key.

It’s amazing how much you can tell by observing a stinky diaper. I noticed that my son’s stool was not as well formed as it should be and it had a distinct sweet odor to it. I highly suspected candida overgrowth, so I decided to get him tested for food sensitivities and micro-organisms in the stool.

Because I am pregnant and having a sensitive stomach myself these days, I made my poor hubby collect my son’s stool sample. ☺

When his results came back, it showed overgrowth. I thought to myself, how fortunate I was to be able to detect this and help optimize my son’s GI health from such a young age! I did not have to wait till he was a teenager or adult to test and treat for this.

Researchers are telling us that the gut flora may be one of the biggest keys behind our health, weight, brain function, and longevity. Some even coined the term ‘bacterial selfie’ to describe the value of understanding one’s microbiome.

Have you ever taken a bacterial selfie? You would be amazed of what you might find! You could be cohabiting with dysbiotic bacteria and yeast which can give rise to pathogenic organisms that can cause a whole host of abdominal systems such as bloating, gas, distension, IBS, and more!  Health starts from the inside out! Just as you need to know what foods you are putting into your system, you should know what is going on internally as well.

To Your Health and well being,

Dr. Khoshaba

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