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Healing Hashimoto’ s – A Savvy Patient’s Guide

by Dr. Alan Christianson

Dr. Christianson has published his book

Healing Hashimotos – A Savvy Patients Guide!

Is your thyroid causing fatigue, low energy or making your brain foggy? Is there anything you can do about it? Yes there is!

Healing_Hashimoto_s_EBOOK-200x300Dr. C shares TONS of information, including…

  • What exactly Hashimotos is
  • Who is most susceptible to thyroid disease
  • All about weight loss and thyroid disease
  • Alternative treatments for thyroid disease
  • Whether dietary changes can prevent thyroid disease
  • Why being gluten free with an autoimmune disease is so important
  • Which symptoms might indicate a thyroid issue

Grab your copy of Healing Hashimoto’s – A Savvy Patient’s Guide eBook or Audio Book TODAY!

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