Comprehensive Thyroid Care via Telemedicine Available Now with Special Bonuses!

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Comprehensive Thyroid Care (Value $599 Now $479)
With this you’ll...

Meet One on One with One of Our Doctors.

Review Your Medical History.

Receive a Proper Diagnosis of Your Current Symptoms.

Get Instruction for Reversing Fatigue from Thyroid Disease.

Obtain a Personal Diet Plan Specific to your Thyroid Condition.

Get Expert Guidance in Balancing your Hormones and Management of Medications.

and Receive a Specific Treatment Plan Outlining Your Path to a Thriving Health.

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Bonus #1:

Thyroid Reset Program (Value $197 Free with this offer)
With this program, you will have access to a 7 week protocol that can help reverse symptoms of hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s.

Here’s What You Get With The Thyroid Reset Program

With your free access to Thyroid Reset Program, you’ll enjoy 7 full weeks of personalized instruction, showing you exactly how to safely reset your thyroid, all from the comfort of your own home, including:

TRP Instructional Videos


You’ll get 7 weeks of step-by-step instructional videos from Dr. Christianson, showing you exactly how to follow the program, and get the best results.

TRP Helpful Resources


I’ve also included several convenient and helpful resources to make the process easier, and improve the results you experience from your participation in the program.

TRP Weekly Progress Checks

Progress Checks

Nothing inspires you to keep going quite like seeing results. That’s why I’ve included a weekly progress measurement tool to show you how far you’ve come each and every week.

Bonus #2:

Metabolism Reset Diet Program (Value $197 Free with this offer)
With this bonus, you will have access to the 4 week diet plan which outlined how to cleanse the liver to help speed up the metabolism.

The Metabolism Reset Diet Program Includes...

4 weeks of video guidance, insights, and encouragement.

Over 40 easy-to-prepare recipes so that you never have to think about what to shop for and/or cook again.

Bonus videos on how to make some of the top recipes.

Exercise videos - Gentle, metabolism-enhancing workouts that are optional.


My goal is to help you during every step! That’s why my team and I offer support and encouragement in the Facebook group. We’ll answer your questions, cheer you on, and celebrate your successes!


“Dr. Roz and my Comprehensive Thyroid Care visit have been the best things to happen to me in a long time. I was told my thyroid levels were “normal” yet I felt awful. Upon seeing my thyroid scores, Dr. Roz confirmed my levels were off and immediately put me on the path to recovery. Throughout the whole process I was listened to and never felt like I was going at this alone. My whole outlook on life has changed thanks to Dr. Roz.” –Francis G

“Dr. Raquel is heaven sent. She has been wonderful. I have been suffering from adrenal and thyroid issues for years and my PCP has not been receptive to my concerns. I always knew there was something wrong but could not put my finger on it. Dr. Raquel put me on a simple plan of recovery, targeting my thyroid. I have never had so much energy or felt so good. ” –Sarah

“I was lost on what to do with my health. I had seen dozens of doctors. I saw Dr Ruiz with reserved skepticism through the Comprehensive Thyroid Care consultation. I was blown away. He has been the most knowledgeable thyroid doctor I have seen. Going forward, I will only entrust my care with Dr. Ruiz.” –Kacie E

"I had struggled to be heard. I was loosing my hair, couldn't lose weight, even though my diet was good, had low energy and the doctors looked only at my TSH and said "Your Fine, don't worry about it" I WOULD SCREAMED. They did not get me. I was never heard. I knew after 15 minutes of my Comprehensive Thyroid Care visit that this was what I had been looking for for years. When Dr Khoshaba popped up on the screen and had the best energy and smile, I knew I was saved. I have never felt so good in my life. I cannot say enough for the team at Integrative Health and especially Dr Khoshaba."

"It was so refreshing to have a doctor really listen to me & not tell me it was my imagination. After years of being misdiagnosed by doctors, Dr. Khoshaba figured out what was going on immediately & with her treatment protocol has me feeling so much better!"