Introducing Dr. K – Leading Authority in Naturopathic Endocrinology
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April 7, 2016
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April 11, 2016

Introducing Dr. K

I hired her within the first 10 minutes of meeting her. And I wasn’t planning on hiring anyone at the time.

That’s how dynamic and passionate Dr. Khoshaba (Dr. K) is about medicine. She is able to connect and find the ways the shortest path to weight loss, diabetes reversal, and thyroid healing.

Has your weight been a struggle? I’d love Dr. K to be able to help you.

metabolic resultsIn fact, if you see her for a routine office call or a new patient visit within the next 21 days,  I’ll give you a free ReeVue basal metabolic rate test.

The normal charge on this test is $79 but you can have it for free.

All you do is rest and breathe into a tube for a few minutes and you’ll learn exactly where your metabolism is right now.

Dr. K can help you fit your diet to it and improve it if it is low.

To get yours:

  • Call 480-657-0003
  • Schedule with Dr. K
  • Ask for the Free Metabolism Test.

Please enjoy the video of us:







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