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April 24, 2017
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May 8, 2017

Is Toxicity An Obstacle For You?

Did you know that there have been 20+ million new chemicals introduced into our environment since the early 1900s? Did you also know that toxins can serve as endocrine disruptors and autoimmune disease triggers?

Good news – we can help identify these toxins in your body and get rid of them with safe and effective therapies.
The top sources of toxins are more common that you would think. What is poisoning us today can be found in our air, water, food, cleaning products, skin care products, cosmetics and clothing. One example – in 2007 (the last date of FDA testing for Lead in cosmetic products) upwards of 61% of lipsticks were found to be contaminated with lead. Another common culprit is Dental amalgams. Commonly referred to as silver fillings, theses metal alloys are composed primarily of of mercury 42-58%, Silver 21-40%, Tin 5-17% and Copper 1-16%.

I recently worked with a woman whom was concerned with female hormonal imbalance as well as Hashimoto’s Thyroid disease. After exploring her health history, we realized that a lot of her symptoms manifested after she had many of her dental amalgam fillings removed.

The human body does a great job of protecting us and with heavy metal toxins, it does so by storing these dangerous compounds in tissues to prevent circulation. Over time, these toxins bio accumulate into higher and higher amounts in our bodies. When we reach a certain threshold of toxicity, these compounds can wreak havoc on our endocrine system, our immune system and trigger an autoimmune cascade.

Symptoms of Toxicity are vast and can include:

Loss of energy

Brain fog

Mood swings


Hormonal imbalance

Disrupted sleep


Sensitivity to lights, sounds, odors

Body aches and stiffness


My patient mentioned above was referred to Integrative Health by a family member whom had experienced success with hormonal balance. With the use of diet, lifestyle and bio identical hormone replacement, this family member stated that she was feeling energized, happy and healthy. She suggested that my patient contact IH because of her difficulty with stabilizing her thyroid levels using Nature Throid medication as well as reaping benefits from the pellet hormonal therapy she was receiving.

After talking about her concerns and her current health protocol, we began focusing more on a balanced diet as well as liver and gastrointestinal support to optimize the body’s detoxification pathways. I also had her complete a Urine Toxic Metal screen testing to evaluate for heavy metal burden in her body. Her results revealed high levels of Mercury as well as mildly elevated levels of Arsenic and Lead.  
In response to these test findings, I encouraged my patient to begin a series of Heavy Metal IV therapy sessions accompanied by an oral detox protocol. We also adjusted her thyroid medication to Westhroid Pure and initiated Hormonal injection therapy to determine an appropriate dose.  This patient originally presented to the clinic with concerns of feeling  “stuck”, fatigue, insomnia, anxiety and depression, muscle stiffness and restlessness, mental fog, skin breakouts and low libido.  After the series of Detox IVs and over the next 6 months of therapy, we were able to determine a stable dose for her thyroid medication, determine an appropriate hormone replacement dose and resume pellet therapy and best of all – my patient reported that she was feeling more optimistic and hopeful, energized throughout her day, her skin had cleared and she felt like “a cloud was lifted out from over her head”.

Toxicity can serve as a major obstacle in overcoming dis-ease and achieving health. This detail in my patient’s health history was a big part of why she was feeling “stuck” and in identifying and eliminating this burden in her body, she was able to restore balance. If you or anyone you know feels caught in a web of symptoms and has been fighting to get out, I encourage considering toxicology as one likely root cause.

There are many techniques to help the body to detox including a diet, exercise, sweating, skin brushing, epsom salt baths and oral detox agents. Heavy Metal Detox IV’s are also a powerful and effective tool to address high levels of burden in your system. Talk with your doctor about what methods are right for you. For more information on testing and therapies we offer at Integrative Health, check out my video here.

To find out if toxicity is an obstacle for you, call the office today. We are offering a special at $279 for your initial detox IV and Urine Toxic Metals screening. Find out if toxic metals are holding you back from the life you want to live and start feeling better quickly.

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To Your Health and Well Being,


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