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March 17, 2013
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March 19, 2013

Is wine a health food?

You may have heard that small amounts may be mildly protective for your heart.

Unfortunately data is now getting stronger that any amounts of alcohol from any source, including wine, damage the brain.

In a study of 1839 brain scans, researchers showed that brain shrinkage was exactly related to alcohol intake and there was no amount that caused no shrinkage.

Dr. Daniel Amen tells us, when it comes to the brain, size does matter.

If wine is important part of your life, try a 6 weeks without it. This is good to do at least once per year. Much of the gradual damage of alcohol is worse when our body’s never have a break from it.

If this idea makes you uncomfortable, ask yourself what is it about wine that you would miss the most for 6 weeks. The taste? Could you avoid your favorite vegetable for 6 weeks? Sure, this would not be a big deal.

You might be surprised how much your quality of sleep, daily energy levels and brain function improve.

If nothing obvious happens, your brain will still thank you and you can always go right back to it.

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