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August 1, 2010
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August 4, 2010

Low GI carb you are missing!

In Costa Rica plantains were served with every meal, this photo shows a typical Costa Rican Breakfast (corn tortillas, rice, beans, eggs, yucca root, and plantains). They taste great, much like bananas and are a great source of potassium and magnesium. I researched and found that, unlike bananas, they are an extremely low glycemic food.

Their glycemic index rating is 34 on most scales…this is lower than most beans! You can find them in many supermarkets. They ripen fast like bananas.

When they are ripe, peel them. The skin is tougher than bananas, so you may need a little help from a knife.

There are a variety of ways to cook them. But the way I like is healthier than the fried version usually served in restaurants.

Cut them into roughly 1 inch slices and boil for 5 minutes.

They can be served in a stir fry, added to oatmeal or they can be served plain as a great side dish.

My kids even love them and they are one of the best carbohydrates I have ever found for keeping blood sugar stable.

In Good Health,

Dr. Alan Christianson

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