Note From Doc – Dr.Beardsley – Leading Authority in Naturopathic Endocrinology
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July 4, 2017
Case Study: Title- Iron and your Health
July 18, 2017

Note From Doc – Dr.Beardsley

Having managed my own Hashimoto’s I’ve learned that a lot of things are not as you expect.

One of the biggest examples of this has been the effects of minerals on Hashimoto’s. I keep an eye on my Iron levels as this is a critical piece in maintaining healthy Thyroid function. With Hashimoto’s, Iron is something that I have found to be a key player in supporting my energy levels as well as my hair/skin and nails health.

Recently I had a drop in my Ferritin values and found this consistent with feeling a bit more tired in the later afternoon as well as very dry skin. I ran my Ferritin lab values and they had dropped to a 13 – optimal ranges around >/=60.

Because I had such a significant decline, I decided to do a series of Iron IVs. I can personally attest to the impact that these IVs have on symptomatic relief. After only the first IV, I felt a significant improvement in my energy levels, my skin felt more hydrated and no longer needing moisturizer multiple times per day and my overall mental status was noticeably sharper and focused.

I use my example as well as many similar accounts of patients to encourage individuals that are suffering from any of the above mentioned symptoms to check their Iron levels AND consider Iron IVs as a great tool in boosting Iron and feeling your best!

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