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June 7, 2017
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June 20, 2017

Note From Doc: Dr.Rezaie

This last weekend, I went with the Family to check out Singh Meadows. This is an expansion of Singh Farms. With the expansion, they also re-opened their farmer’s market. One of the things that we picked up from there were heirloom tomatoes. As we have been enjoying them this week, they are some of the tastiest tomatoes that I have ever experienced. I highly recommend going out there to pick up some really fresh produce, enjoy the café, golf course turned into open fields to lounge, play volleyball or simply walk the grounds. Truly was an oasis built in southern Scottsdale.

Another thing that happened while we were out there was Leyla got to meet some baby goats that were born the day before. The 3 baby goats were very friendly and even let Leyla pet them. One of the baby goats had a non-functional front right leg that he kept tucked up whether he was laying or standing. The amazing thing is that he would stand up repeatedly with his 3 legs. He was even taking steps with his 3 good legs. He definitely fell much more than his brother and sister, who were hopping around. From my viewpoint, this wasn’t a disability, it was simply a minor obstacle for him to learn to walk. It reminded me of how often in life we are given a situation or circumstance that could be a roadblock, yet if treated appropriately, can turn into a speed bump. I see this day in and day out with clients who have some health concern and are being given a chance to learn about their body and health. What we see as a LOSS is really a Learning Opportunity, Stay Strong! So like the baby goat, keep standing up and taking steps forward.

To your health,

Dr. Rezaie


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