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May 6, 2016
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May 17, 2016

Note from Dr. C

I’ll be taking a break from clinical care starting in November. I wanted to talk through it with you. They say that growth never goes smoothly, but rather by leaps and bounds.

What are your feelings about the last big leap you made? Maybe it was:

  • Getting a new house?
  • Changing your career?
  • Moving across the country?
  • Adding to your family?

Did you feel uncertain about it beforehand? Were there variables you never even thought of that came up once you got into it? Was there a process you used to help make the decision?

How you handle these big transitions determines much how you see yourself moving forward.

I’m about to make a leap and I’m scared!

The last 20 years of practice has been amazing. I’ve been honored to work with people who I’d want to hang out with anyway and help guide them closer to their ideal health. How can the next 20 years top that?

I believe they can. We can all keep on growing, but past a certain point, growth does require more planning. I’m going to take a six month block and really craft a system, an experience, a process – one that can move more people closer towards vibrant health.

This is only possible because of our team. A few months ago it really hit me that we had arrived. I was on the road and I called to check in on my mom. She said she wanted to see me as a patient but she knew I was away. She said she called the office and asked for a visit with whichever doc had the next available opening.

I had a really good feeling wash over me because I knew whichever doctor she would see would take excellent care of her and whoever else on the team helped out, she’d be in good hands.

I’m thinking of this time as a sabbatical. During it, I’ll still be doing case reviews with my doctors and keeping up with my writing and blogging. IH will be able to help as always.

Are there any leaps you’ve been thinking about? Any milestones of time passage ahead? Any ways you can regroup to make a bigger impact on what matters the most to you?

Now is the time.

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