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June 16, 2014
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June 18, 2014

Note From Dr. C

Hi There!

Hope this finds your summer starting off great.  I’m really excited about addressing anxiety in this newsletter. After spending the last few years looking at medical research on the stress response, I’ve come to realize that probably the biggest predictor of our health is how we feel.  Anxiety is fear but without an obvious cause.  Sometimes anxiety does not feel like fear at all but instead feels like back pain, headaches, numbness in the the hands or feet, gas and bloating, skin rashes, and allergic reactions.

Here is a quick experiment:

Close your left eyed and look at the plus sign with the picture just a few inches from your eyes.  Slowly move the image away from you.


Our brain plays tricks on us.  There will be a point, usually about 12 inches away where the elephant disappears.

The same way we have optical blind spots, we have perceptual blind spots.  Anxiety creates a perceptual blind spot that makes it hard to consider that it could be the cause of our symptoms. In fact, the blind spot often makes the thought that our physical symptoms could be caused by anxiety not only unlikely, but offensive.  Even when we have physical symptoms that are not from anxiety, they can often improve faster if we take steps to calm our minds and lower our level of stress.

This week’s challenge is to take 5 minutes each morning to just sit comfortably and breathe deeply.  Our days go so fast, we really need this.  Notice what goes on in your mind, notice how the day plays out.  Please comment on our Facebook (LINK) and let me know your thoughts on anxiety and they power of your mind.

In Great Health,

Dr. Christianson

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