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February 28, 2018
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Note from Dr. Khoshaba

We often get caught up in our days with mindless routines that need to get done and we hyper-focus on these little things that we can start to lose track of the goal and what matters in life. This can also inhibit us from growing in so many ways. When we prevent ourselves from changing things up from time to time and I believe this is where we miss out on opportunities.

For example, life can get predictable when we behave in the same fashion every day. This is known as a habitual day path. You can literally map out the daily activities, tasks, and routes you take. This can be a very efficient way of living, however, it can also be very limiting! To broaden your perspective and allow the universe to bring more opportunities your way, try to change up your routine by doing something different this week. For example, try taking a different road to work, changing the type of food you eat, changing your exercise routine, or even as simple as changing the time you go to the gym! These simple and small changes can help motivate you to see the big picture in life, encounter different opportunities, people, and conversations and eventually cause increases in happiness and wellbeing.

I recently tried changing up my Saturday morning routine which typically includes cleaning, meal prepping for my young kids and laundry. If I did not change it up, I would have missed out on encountering a dinosaur in the Desert! Wow! It was a blast and a great opportunity I did not want my toddler to miss!

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