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March 14, 2017
Why Happiness Can Lead to Good Health
March 28, 2017

Note From Dr.Khoshaba

Do you ever feel like 1 person can make a difference in the world? It certainly is possible and it can be extremely empowering for others to hear what you have to say. This experience helped me focus on social well being and how important it is to give back to the community.

As part of International Women’s Day on March 8th, I was fortunate to be invited to speak on a panel hosted by the Assyrian American Culture Association of Arizona. This event was focused on empowering, inspiring and creating Assyrian women who are of ethnic minority.  I had the privilege to share my story and listen to all the other stories of these young and educated females on the panel who had backgrounds in nursing, law and clinical psychology. There were a lot of common themes that came up including struggles, challenges and obstacles and how they were overcome.  We were all very thankful for the opportunities that this amazing country has provided us and we aimed to empower ladies who did not have these opportunities by helping create bridges and connections so that they could also succeed, accomplish their dreams and to give back to the community. Our collective efforts demonstrated that we, as a group, have helped hundreds of people suffering from physical and mental illnesses and that each person contributed to making a difference.

This leads me to emphasize how critical the definition of health is. According the World Health Organization definition of health a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. It is important to stop and take an assessment of what you think is missing or lacking in your health and work on strategies to help you achieve your optimal wellbeing and happiness.

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