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May 7, 2018
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Note From Dr. Roz

Do you have too much on your plate? We all experience hectic days from time to time. Luckily, taking on too much and struggling to fit everything in occasionally is unlikely to lead to trouble.

But, if your schedule is overloaded on a regular basis it may be a sign that things have started to slip out of balance – and, ultimately, out of control.

When this happens, stress and fatigue can begin to creep in and the challenges that we can benefit so much from can turn into burdens. A byproduct of this is that our mental and physical health can also begin to suffer.

What’s the key? Often, it can be as simple as allowing yourself to say “no.” While it is perfectly okay to say, it can be tricky to say firmly. That being said, it is completely fair to opt out of an activity or to create healthy boundaries for ourselves in this area.

All that in mind, I wanted to talk today about this important aspect of our lives. This way, we can all enjoy the benefits of a balanced existence, which include:

  1. Optimal stress hormone levels (like our cortisol levels)
  2. Staying motivated and energized long-term
  3. Avoiding burnout
  4. Enhancing our overall enjoyment of life

How can you make life more balanced? The process can be straightforward! First, think about the situation you might like to create. What does the perfect work-life balance look like to you? Check if there are any tasks you do on a regular basis that could be easily delegated to others to achieve that optimal balance.

Next, add some activities to your routine to ensure excellent self-care. Finally, practice learning to say no without shame or discomfort. A well-balanced life is built on well-defined boundaries that are then defended with confidence.

Best of luck!

Dr. Roz

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