Notes From Dr.C – Leading Authority in Naturopathic Endocrinology
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March 28, 2017
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April 11, 2017

Notes From Dr.C

Dr Alan Christianson

Hey There!

Dr. C here.

So when will I be practicing again full-time?
I wanted to give a cut and dry answer, but I don’t have one.  I’ll tell you as much as I know.  My sabbatical formally ends May 14th and I have clinical days already scheduled for 2017. As of the time of this writing, they are all filled up. I’m starting negotiations with the publishers for my next book. I’ve had to keep my schedule open based on how they play out, there may also be a documentary or a PBS special to go with it.

I’ve still been involved with the operations of the clinic and I could not be more impressed with how the whole team has been doing. The feedback I’ve been hearing from you has also made me confident that you’re being well-taken care of.

I’m looking forward to resuming patient care in May and June. Some people are cut out to live solitary lives behind computers, but not me.

To your best health,

Dr. C

PS. I love to hear your thoughts. As always, just drop me a note at



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