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June 16, 2014
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June 16, 2014

Omega-3s Help Reduce Alzheimer’s and Cognitive Decline

Is there anything fresh fish and fish oil can’t do? I’m beginning to think not as I read studies like this one in the journal Neurology that show omega 3s can lower your risk for dementia and brain deterioration. fish oil

Researchers found that people with more omega-3 fatty acids had lower levels of beta-amyloid, a nasty protein that contributes to dementia. Just one gram of omega 3s lowered beta-amyloid levels by an impressive 20 – 30%.

Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia are complex diseases and I don’t think there’s any simple solution to preventing them. If you’re like me, you want to take every precaution you can. That’s why I eat fresh fish and take fish oil.

Many of you express concerns about mercury and if you eat fish please choose options with the lowest-mercury levels. That means bypassing larger fish like shark and swordfish. Tuna is a popular and convenient choice. Unfortunately, many varieties have moderate levels of mercury and I suggest you eat no more than four to six ounces a week.

On the other hand, lower-mercury seafood choices include herring, Pollock, salmon, sardines, shrimp, and tilapia. Choose wild-caught fish whenever possible. Here is a website to help you learn the safest seafood choices.

If fish isn’t a favorite food or you aren’t eating it several times each week, I recommend a high-quality fish oil. Super EPA from Thorne Research provides 425 mg of EPA and 270 mg DHA in each capsule. Super EPA provides an effective, easy, contaminant-free way to get therapeutic amounts of these beneficial omega 3s for brain health.

In Good Health,

Dr. Christianson

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