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Are Sea Vegetables and Algae Safe for Your Thyroid?

I often get questions about sea vegetables. Specifically, those who are curious about controlling their iodine intake but don’t want to miss out on the many nutrients they provide. So, let’s break down the ones you might want to consider, avoid, and what you need to know!

T2: The Unsung Hero of Thyroid Hormones

Have you ever heard of T2? I’m sure you know of T4. Maybe even T3 and its role in your health. But, T2 may just be the unsung hero in your thyroid’s spectrum of hormones. That’s why, today, I’m dedicating some time to share with you how T2 works. We […]

How High Should My T3 Be?

I have seen a lot of statements from thyroid experts saying that free T3 and T3 levels should be on the highest end of the normal range. People have often struggled because of this, though.

Is Squid the New Chicken?

I want to share with you one of my new favorite foods. While it might seem a bit exotic or difficult to work with, it is anything but! In fact, based on the benefits, I think it should be an essential part of your diet moving forward. I’m talking about […]

The 4 Things You Need To Know About Thyroid Antibodies

Do you feel like you might be missing out on important information about your thyroid antibodies?  Does everyone have thyroid antibodies? Or, are your thyroid antibodies going up and down and you have no idea why? I want to take you on a deep dive of thyroid antibodies, and what […]

How to Ensure Proper Immune Function

We have received a lot of questions about how to keep an optimal immune system. Maybe you have an underlying immune condition like Hashimoto’s Thyroid disease or maybe you want to prevent infections. Well look no further we are going to dig deep into how to optimize immune function.

Top 6 Foods You May Not Be Eating That Can Help Autoimmunity

Are you still struggling with autoimmune thyroid disease symptoms, despite taking your thyroid medication? Ultimately, it can seem like when you finally get two steps ahead, you take three steps back.

How to Lower Blood Pressure

Hey there, Dr. C here. Have you ever been told your blood pressure was too high? Based on your age and ethnicity, high blood pressure may be more common than safe blood pressure.

DrC’s AntiViral Supplement Protocol

Hey there, Dr. C here with you. Today’s blog is in response to a question I received last week. Hi Dr. Christianson, I have seen several different suggestions for immunity kits people should have in case they get sick from any kind of virus. They all seem to be different. […]

A Deep Dive On Iron (and Iron IVs for Thyroid Symptoms)

Did you know that iron can be the key to your health? It’s important to know how good it can be, what are the right amounts, and what you can do to get more of it at the right time.