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January 26, 2014
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Re-shaping for the New Year – Weight Loss Pt 2

shutterstock_114289984It is a new year, the resolutions are abound and weight loss is on the list. We started with Part 1 covering your diet, because it has the most immediate impact on your health, yielding changes for you to see in 2-3 days. Recent research has showed that exercise is just as important to accompany a healthy diet, so in Part 2, let’s cover how to jump start weight loss with exercise.

Now that you have some dietary changes in place and started to see some pounds drop off, it is time to get started on your workout routine and build more muscle to increase your metabolism and continue burning off that adipose tissue. Here are the best tips that you can put into place to lose weight, get healthy and happy.

Start Slow

This is the biggest key to getting into a workout routine, and actually staying in your workout routine. I know you are super excited about getting back into working out, maybe you even used to work out every day at some point. Remember, you have taken some time off exercising, so take some time to get back to every day. You can still achieve effective weight loss with 30 minutes of exercise, 3 times per week. Start out with mild to moderate exercise a few times per week, allowing your body to recover with a day of rest. Giving your body recovery time is important to avoid injury, because too much, too soon can put you on the sidelines and not on the weight loss team. Injuries come from miss-use and over-use, start out smart and give your body a chance. Once you are able to do 3 times per week with no major problem, start to increase the number of days you workout per week, or start increasing your intensity of exercise.


Are you doing cardio for 30 minutes? 1 hour? More than 1 hour? Still not seeing the results that you want from you exercise? Here’s a tip, the intensity that you workout out is one of the biggest factors to help with weight loss, where duration is not as important. So, the people that workout out the hardest, not the longest are allowing for the best weight loss. Workouts are starting to go toward high intensity internal training (HIIT), Peak 8, Orange Theory, Burst training and more to come. The goal is to produce intervals of your highest intensity with a lower intensity period between them. This allows for an increased demand on your heart, muscles and metabolism. This is a must add to your workout, but like we mentioned above, start out slow and build up the amount of time you are doing the intensity and intervals.

Muscle Confusion

Another aspect of your new workout that will benefit you for weight loss is muscle confusion, like in P90X, Cross Fit, and other work out forms. This is based on doing a variety of exercises to stress your muscles in new ways, allowing for more growth, which also will stimulate your metabolism to allow for more weight loss. If you are walking all the time, adding in a day of bike riding, hiking or even yoga can be a simple cross train. This allows some muscle confusion so your body does not get used to the same thing over and over, overtime producing fewer results than when you first started the routine. When you start with a new exercise, start slow and increase the intensity as you get the hang of it.

Get out there with the second phase of your weight loss program. The combination of diet and exercise has the most dramatic impact on your mind and body, achieving the weight loss goals you desire. So start out slow, add the intensity and eventually some variety to produce the best results!

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