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Interested in becoming a patient, but live out of state? We can help! Our doctors will first establish your care with an hour long in person office visit, which allows us to continue to offer care once you are home.

Your doctor will then be able to provide follow up care over the phone for the next 12 months and will ask to see you in person once per year to continue care with Integrative Health. We look forward meeting you!

Here’s some more details about how to make it happen:

Call the team (480-657-0003) to set up a new patient appointment with Dr. Roz or Dr. Espinol. If you have not had thorough blood work recently, we can help you get it updated before your first visit so you’ve got a head start.

If you’re traveling, you’ve got options:

  • You can do a day trip – fly in, visit us and fly home.
  • If you’d like to stay over before or after your visit, let the team know when you’re scheduling.  We’re happy to help with hotel recommendations.
  • Fly to Phoenix airport. Any airline is fine, but if Southwest serves your area, they work really well in Phoenix.
  • Get a Lyft (like Uber but less corporate drama) from the Phoenix airport to our clinic at 9200 East Raintree #100 in Scottsdale. This ride will take about 20 minutes barring unusual traffic.
  • Have a great visit with our team.
  • Head home or do some fun touristy stuff in AZ. (I highly recommend Sedona)

I’ll either see you while you’re in, or I’ll discuss your care with my docs at our next case review. Either way, we’d love to see you soon.

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