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Is Your Thyroid Making You Gain Weight?

You, like many people may struggle with your weight.  Yes, some do eat too much and move too little.  But for many, it really is not their fault. Here’s a classic story from earlier this year.

‘Laura’ was a mom in her early 40’s.  She took care of herself and weight was never a major issue.  Suddenly she noticed her clothes were tight.  This had happened in the past.  Like before, she quit eating desert and started getting more exercise.  But this time it didn’t help. Not only was her weight an issue, but she noticed she did not have any patience for her family.

So she really buckled down and did all the right things.  But she kept on gaining weight.  Laura told all this to her doctor.  He told her there was no medical reason.  He said she needed to get serious and lose weight or else she would get diabetes.

How would you feel?  Unfortunately that story is a reality for many of the 60 million American adults with thyroid disease.

What is the connection?  Most of the calories you burn are burned to warm your body.  This is called your Resting Metabolic Rate.  If you have even mild thyroid disease, you may burn 500 fewer calories per day.

Imagine you were eating and exercising reasonably well.  This extra 500 calories per day could make you gain 1 pound of body fat per week.

This is a problem both for those who have thyroid disease and don’t know it and for those who have it and are not on the best treatment.

I asked Laura if I could measure her metabolism.  It turned out she was only burning 900 calories per day at rest.  This should have been closer to 1800 calories.  With her metabolism that low, she would have to eat only 400 calories per day to lose weight.  Not safe.

Since her metabolism was so unusual, I tested for several possible causes.  It turned out she had thyroid disease.  It takes some finesse to really help this. If a thyroid dose is too low or too high, it won’t work right.   Once we saw her metabolism up to 1700 calories, I knew she was going to do fine.  In the next few months, her weight came right off.

Many who do the test find out they have a healthy metabolism and are eating too few calories for weight loss.  Imagine being able to eat more good food and lose weight.

If someone says you are not trying hard enough on your weight, ask them how they know that!

Once metabolism picks up, not only is your weight better but your mood is also.  Could you be even more present for your family if you felt better?

If you do have a low metabolism, it is not hard to treat. The most common causes include:

  • Low Thyroid
  • Low Testosterone
  • Food Intolerances
  • Toxic Metals

If you think this might apply to you, drop by and find out.  We are offering a special on metabolic rate tests for the month of December.  You can do this test even if you have not seen one of our doctors.

The test is simple and non-invasive.  All you do is rest in a chair and breathe into a tube for 10 minutes.  At the end you get a report that shows exactly how many calories you burn at rest, how many calories you need to lose weight and how your metabolic rate compares to others like you.

Just call 480-657-0003 to set up a time for the test, or email at:   Normal rate is $69.  In the month of December we will do the test for just $29.

The First 50 callers from Sonoran Living can do the test at no charge and no obligation.

You can see what a sample report looks like below.

In good health,

Dr. C

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