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March 14, 2013
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March 16, 2013

Secret sauce for weight loss

For many hunger is purely a negative concept. Yet it should be allowed to have a positive interpretation as well.

Our food preference and enjoyment is strongly shaped by our allowed level of hunger. The French meal time saying: “bon appetit” reflects the understanding that a good appetite is required to truly enjoy a meal.

Corporate interests have lead us to believe that we should never be hungry for even a moment. We have been taught that we must be in a nearly constant state of eating and snacking.images

Paradoxically, this changes our food preferences. As our appetite weakens, our palate becomes less refined. At this point our preferences move away from the complex and subtle flavors of whole foods and towards the simplistic tastes of sugar and salt. Many argue this is how kids and adults become finicky eaters.

Here is a simple experiment to try tonight. Cook a new vegetable, maybe baby bok choy, rapini, broccoli rabe. Simply steam it for a few minutes until it just starts to soften and serve it immediately without any seasoning. Here’s the catch, reduce the amount of starch in your lunch by half and skip the afternoon snack.

Let me know how amazingly good the new veggie dish tastes, you might be surprised!

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