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March 28, 2014
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March 28, 2014

Spring Detox

Health savvy people know that spring-cleaning is about more than your garage.  Every day we are all exposed to thousands of factors that disrupt our health.

Since 1900, chemists have created over 3 million new chemicals that our bodies may not be adapted to.  Some are really dangerous because we cannot get rid of them very well.  This means that even if we are exposed to only tiny amounts, they can build up over time just like a thick layer of dust in a vacant home.  Some of the worst chemicals that do this include metals like mercury, pesticides like 2,4,D, and plastic byproducts like BPA.

Chemicals like these are thought to be factors behind most chronic diseases including:

  • Diabetes
  • Many cancers
  • Heart disease
  • Alzheimer’s disease

Along with these devastating long-term effects, these chemicals can also be factors with our day-to-day concerns such as:

  • Obesity
  • Fatigue
  • Depression
  • Arthritis
  • Muscular pain
  • Short term memory losses

Springtime is always a great time to turn over a new leaf and amp up your health to a whole new level.  Here are my favorite 10 tricks to detox right this year.

Pre-tox is the theme for the first steps.  To get toxins out of your body, you first want to reduce the number of toxins coming in.

1.  Learn when organic matters

Some foods like celery, blueberries, butter, and coffee are critical to get in organic versions.  Other foods like sweet potatoes, oranges or white meat poultry are less critical.

2.  Don’t pollute yourself by cleaning your home

Avoid strong smelling cleaners.  Nearly every thing can be cleansed with simple things like castile soap, vinegar, and citrus extracts.

3.  Take a breath of fresh air

The largest source of toxins for all of us is the air we breathe in our homes.  Use HEPA air filters or ionizers and have your ducts cleaned each year.

Re-tox is one of the biggest problems of chemical exposure.  Our detox systems are just not set up to deal with the type of toxins we are exposed to.  As we try to get the toxins out, we can make them more dangerous and send them into our vital tissues like our brain and thyroid.  This has been called the problem of Re-Tox.  How can you stop it?

4.  H20

How much do you need?  Most of us should get at least an ounce of water per each pound of weight each day.  This means 3-4 quarts at least.  What type is best?  Reverse Osmosis from a home filter.

5.  RBF

All the toxins trying to get out are coming back in through your colon.  Rice Bran Fiber can help.   Add 1 tablespoon per day to your breakfast shake.

6.  Chlorophyll

The greener your poop is, the cleaner your body will be.  Chlorophyll is the green pigment in plant foods.  No, green skittles do not count.  To get green, eat at least 3 cups per day of kale, spinach, or collards.

Active Detox.  The next three steps are for a targeted detox process done over a period of 2 weeks.  This can reduce your chemical burden and help you thrive in no time.

7.  Detox shake

For breakfast, make up a mix of:

  • 1 serving unsweetened vegetable based protein powder
  • 1 tbsp. chia seeds
  • 1 tbsp. rice bran fiber
  • 1 cup berries
  • ½ cup frozen spinach
  • 1 cup unsweetened coconut beverage

For advanced detox and weight loss, have this for lunch also.

8.  Rest your insides

During the cleanse, have 1-2 lean and green meals with your shake.  These would be lean protein plus steamed vegetables or salad vegetables.  Avoid all other food during the cleanse.

9.  Detoxing light pollution

You detox better when your circadian rhythms are in sync.  During the cleanse, make your mornings bright.  This means that within 1 hour of waking up, expose yourself to sunlight for 30 minutes.  Even if it is cold and cloudy, the sunlight is thousands of times more powerful that the brightest indoor light.

Staying clean

10.  Social detox

The best way to stay healthy is to hang out with healthy people.  Make healthy new health conscious friends and educate your old friends in your new tricks!


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