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February 9, 2017
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March 14, 2017


Wow, my day did not start out like I expected!

The minute I got in the IV room I saw that the team had thrown a surprise ‘sprinkle’ for me. Yes, sprinkle. They told me you only get a shower for your first baby.

I’m 26 weeks pregnant with my second baby and looking forward to having the summer off! Being a mother of a toddler, full time doctor, and a chef at home, life is busy.

I can’t believe they managed to pull it off without me even suspecting! Here is a picture of us all after the party.

Do you ever feel like you are juggling many hats and trying to fit everything into the day? I never used to be a scheduled person, however, trying to master time management has helped me to be able to maintain the numerous roles women play! Have you ever logged your time? Do you have a set and consistent schedule? This can be a helpful strategy to learn where you can maximize your time and make life efficient. Here is what my typical day looks like.

  1. I start with consistency- set wake time at 6am.
  2. Before getting out of bed, I practice gratitude by saying 3 things I am grateful for and 1 thing I am looking forward to.  
  3. 10 minute stretching exercises.
  4. Get ready for the day and get breakfast going for me and my family.
  5. Listen to a podcast/audible book on my way to work – this helps me stay up to date on education
  6. Work – but in between my patients, I go for walks to help me stay fresh and focused! Microbursts of exercise help improve efficiency, focus, mental clarity and help better regulate blood glucose and insulin levels.
  7. Pick up my son from DayCare and drive home – listen to podcast or audible book again.
  8. Make dinner- I try to have ingredients prepared from the night before – I have meals planned so I know exactly what I will be making for dinner. Aim to make everything from scratch and eat a mostly low glycemic Organic Mediterranean diet.
  9. Get family ready for bed – ex. bathing, stretching, taking supplements, mediation
  10. Bedtime – set bedtime at 9pm every night – including weekends! ☺

I never thought that going to bed and waking up at the same time every day could make life so much easier and improve and maintain my energy levels! Having a child has really taught me the importance of sleep. Life is an incredible learning experience and I would love to learn what you struggle with and help you spring back to optimal health!

In Good Health,

Dr. K

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