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February 18, 2012
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February 18, 2012

Thriving on the Go: 3 Key Steps

So often people begrudge initiating change because of perceived obstacles such as travel or holidays.  I’ve learned that it is really not that hard to stay healthy on the road!

Thriving on the go:  3 Key Steps
Ok, you’re taking care of yourself and getting healthier.  You’ve worked out some good habits and healthy routines in your daily life.  You’ve probably learned that it is easy to lose momentum and drift back to unhealthy habits.  Whether you’re going across the globe, or over the river and through the woods, don’t let travel do this to you!

Think of your health as drawing energy from 3 main sources:  your sleep, your exercise and your diet.  If you can keep these sources working for you, you’ll be OK.

Sleeping on the go.  Nothing ruins your memory of a good trip like the lingering bronchitis you picked up on the flight home.  What is the main reason this happens?  Your immunity was down from lack of sleep.  When you’re traveling, you want to take it all in and you have time zone changes to deal with.  Put these factors together and our bodies really need as much or more sleep than normal, not less.

  • Start scheduling the week before traveling; shift your sleep schedule towards your new schedule as much as possible.  This works best when you are moving your sleep schedule forward.
  • Avoid sleep at your destination until it is your bedtime in local time.
  • Avoid alcohol and caffeine the day of travel.
  • Adults can use 2-3mg of time-released melatonin at bedtime during short trips and the first few days back home.  This resets your internal clock.

Exercise on the go.  How do you workout when you can’t get to the gym?  Easiest answer is do lots of walking.  Fortunately this is easy whether you’re going to an amusement park, beach or most other parts of the world.  You can also get an good workout with simple body weight exercises.  Here is a great link to a page with 20 amazing exercises you can do anytime and anywhere.  P.S.  If you’re a climber, you can always find a place for pull ups : )

Eating on the go.  OK, so far so good, but how about food?  When traveling, think about food in terms of fuel, protein and produce.  Your fuel needs are minimal when you’re on a plane, car or boat, so don’t worry about it then.  I love using meal replacements like MediClear when traveling.  I’ll make up single servings in snack size baggies and mix them up in a water bottle.  Have 2-3 servings per day while en route.  This way you get a nutritionally complete low calorie meal and your body gets to rest and detox.  You’ll also drop a few pounds which may help you break even by the time you get home.  When you arrive, focus on soups as an easy way to get produce and protein without lots of fat or the risk food-borne illness.

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