Thyroid and MTHFR Interactions – Leading Authority in Naturopathic Endocrinology

Listen in as Dr. Christianson and Dr. Lynch Discuss Your Thyroid and MTHFR Interactions

Did you know that your genes are affecting your thyroid? Whether you like it or not, genetic defects are at work in your body, directly or indirectly interfering with thyroid production.  In this enlightening and informative presentation, Dr. Lynch and Dr. Christianson delve into an area of medicine called ‘methylation’ and ‘nutrigenomics.’Understanding and applying this information could be the key to unlocking vibrant health in your life!

Be sure to inform your healthcare professional about this webinar as they will not want to miss out on this cutting edge thyroid research.

The live event  has passed, but don’t worry, we made a video replay for you! Sign in now and we will send you the video as well as some more information from Dr. Lynch and Dr. Christianson!

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