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Thyroid Health Introductory Program

Natural Ingredients

My Thyroid Health Introductory Program is designed to teach you the basics of how to nourish your thyroid naturally for optimal health.

I will send you my:

  • Thyroid Specific Nutrients guide
  • Thyroid Health Dietary Guidelines
  • Thyroid workbook to track your progress
  • Healing Hashimoto’s – A Savvy Patient’s Guide in eBook and audio formats

I have learned that it is much easier for you to stay on track with your nutritional needs when you understand why they are important to your health.  I have gone into detail about the nutrients your thyroid requires to thrive at an optimal level in my Thyroid Specific Nutrients guide to make it easier for you to follow the program.

When talking about thyroid nutrients, it’s important to know where the best places to get these nutrients are.  I have created a Thyroid Health Dietary Guide to share with you the best sources of the nutrients that are beneficial to your thyroid using real food.  I have also included a tracking workbook so you can easily track and compare what you have been eating and show you where you can improve your diet.

Book - Healing HashimotosHealing Hashimoto’s – A Savvy Patient’s Guide was created to help explain and teach people to thrive with Thyroid Disease and bring light to the cause (Hashimoto’s Disease) of the most common form of thyroid disease, hypothyroidism.  It’s an easy to use, daily guide to thyroid health.


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