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Understanding Heavy Metal Detox Side Effects And Treatments

Every day you are exposed to chemicals and heavy metals that can have a significant negative effect on your health. Chemicals in pesticides, toxins in paints, pollution in your water supply, and contaminants in the foods you eat can all build up in your body. Over time, your body can become virtually poisoned by these toxic agents leading to a number of uncomfortable physical symptoms. The solution is a heavy metal detox treatment program to target and remove elevated heavy metal levels. Before starting treatment, however, it is important to understand recommended treatment methods and some of the common heavy metal detox side effects that may be expected.

How Heavy Metal Toxicity is Treated

Before beginning a heavy metal detox treatment, it is important that you have a clear understanding of what types of metals you have stored in your body and how high those levels are. You should undergo thorough testing to correctly diagnose your toxicity levels. Once a diagnosis has been made, your heavy metal detox treatment may include nutrient recommendations, chelation therapy, or both. Chelation therapy is an intravenous therapy designed to target and eliminate toxic metals.

Heavy Metal Detox Side Effects

Heavy metal detox is best done under the guidance and supervision of medical professionals trained in safely cleansing the body of toxic metals. The incidence of heavy metal detox side effects is very low and many people undergo treatment without any discomfort at all. When side effects are reported, they are generally dependent upon how aggressive the treatment was and the type of detox treatment program administered. Side effects of nutrition therapies may include gastrointestinal upset, gas, and bloating. Chelation therapy carries a very low risk of mild pain at the IV site, nausea, dizziness, and headaches.

If you are concerned about your exposure to toxic metals or chemicals in the environment, contact a doctor near you that specializes in heavy metal detox programs. With proper treatment you may be able to enjoy a healthier life free from the numerous physical symptoms of heavy metal toxicity. Integrative Health in Scottsdale offers heavy metal detox treatments that can help put you on the path to natural healing, Schedule an appointment today by calling 480-657-0003.

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