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Thyroid Reset Program

People - Woman arms spread flower fieldIn my 90 thyroid reset program, I walk you through steps for a healthier thyroid and life.  End the hair loss, boost your energy, lose weight and most importantly FEEL GOOD!

This Thyroid Health Workbook guides you step by step to improve your thyroid with a healthy lifestyle and a thyroid specific diet.  I will be sending you an educational video series directly to your inbox, so you will have access to your own Thyroid 101 video library with 6 informative videos to keep you going and tracking tools to monitor your progress over the next 90 days.

As an added bonus, I’m also including a free audio and eBook copy of my Healing Hashimotos – A Savvy Patient’s Guide.

Enjoy this quickstart and put an end to hair loss, gain your energy back, lose weight and have a healthy thyroid!

Included in the Thyroid Reset Program:

  • Thyroid dietary guidelines
  • Thyroid Specific Nutrient guidebook
  • Tracking tools to monitor your progress
  • Thyroid 101 video library –  6 informative videos
  • Healing Hashimoto’s – A Savvy Patient’s Guide eBook AND audio book

Say YES to your health and join my 11 week Thyroid Reset Program.


















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