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Integrative Health Patient Info in Scottsdale Arizona

So many ask for our help outside of the state of Arizona!

We are happy to see patients from other parts of the world.  Currently, we have regular visitors from nearly every continent.  We can help out in two different ways: Remote Care and Virtual Coaching.

Remote Care

  • In this relationship, we can act as your prescribing physicians.  
    Once per year, travel to beautiful Scottsdale and do an in-person visit.  Between this in person visit, we can stay in touch via phone, Skype or Facetime.  Over the distance we can order tests, medications and supplements.  Normal office call rates apply for in person and remote visits.
  • To arrange time for your first Remore Care visit or to get more information including current pricing, call 480 – 657 – 0003.  

Virtual Consults

  • In this relationship, we can give you exact recommendations for diet, lifestyle, testing and follow up but cannot prescribe medications.  
    At your convenience, we will coordinate 30 or 60 minute blocks of time for you via phone, Skype or Facetime.  Normal office call rates apply.
  • To arrange time for a Virtual Consult or to get more information including current pricing, call 480 – 657 – 0003.  

What should I send before the visit?

If you take supplements, please send a list of the ingredients. If you have had any relevant tests done, such as blood tests, MRIs or X-rays, please send copies of results and imaging reports. If you do not have copies, request your doctor’s office fax them to us at (480) 657-8693. Please note, some offices may require your written authorization. Feel free to call and confirm that we received your tests a few days before your visit.

Can I take notes during my visit?

Yes. The doctors will educate you during each visit, so you may find taking notes to be very helpful. Audio recordings may also prove to be valuable. As well, after your visit, the doctor will provide a summary of recommendations.

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