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July 8, 2010
Volume 2, Issue 14

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A Note From Dr. Christianson
office staff
Hi  ! 

Thanks for all your interest in our metabolic rate
study – we’ve had a lot of great feedback!
  Keep an eye out for more
information on your thyroid and metabolism in the near future. 


I spent this past Saturday speaking
at the Functional Medicine Association.  While preparing for the seminar, I
came across a surprising statistic:  Thyroid cancer is now one of the
nation’s fastest-growing rare cancers!  Thyroid
cancer has been increasing at a rate of 6.5% each year over the last decade
drastically up from prior estimates of 2.5% per year.  Last year over
37,000 cases were documented.  In order
to catch thyroid cancer early, adult screening is essential and includes three

  • Annual physical exam,
    including thyroid exam

  • Annual blood tests,
    including thyroid function tests

  • Monthly neck exams

Monthly neck exams you
say?  Yep, just like breasts and testes.  The American Thyroid Association
states that giving yourself regular neck
exams are important
for early detection and should be done when doing your
other self-exams (i.e. breast and/or testes self-exams.) Here’s how to perform
a neck exam on yourself:

  1. Using
    a mirror, watch your neck just below your Adam’s apple.
  2. Tip
    your head back slightly and take a drink of water.
  3. While
    swallowing, watch for any bulges, widening or enlargement in your neck.
  4. Repeat

If you notice anything
suspicious, make an appointment with your doctor.

good health,



P.S. Tomorrow, my family and
I leave for a “voluntourism” to Costa Rica – a vacation where we’ll be
volunteering our time towards a good cause.  Besides crossing into Canada
and Mexico in the car once or twice when I was younger, this will be my first
time out of the country and we’re all very excited!  If you’re interested
in voluntoursim, there are plenty of organizations to choose from.  Check
out locations that interest you, then see who could utilize your skills…and go
for it!


3 Steps To Feeling Young Again!

Dr. Ann Lovick

On average, women gain 10 lbs
every decade after age 50 and men lose 10% muscle mass every decade after 45.
 Most of us aren’t as active at middle age as we were at 20, so our
caloric intake needs to be reduced.  But when our activity level matches
our caloric intake and we still put on the pounds, what else is going on?

Growing older isn’t easy.  There
are countless products to help us look younger, but what about products that
make us FEEL younger?
 Do you remember learning about mitochondria in
science class – the “powerhouse” of the cell?  Mitochondria are cellular
structures that produce ATP, the energy for all the organs and biochemical
processes in your body.  ATP gives your muscles energy so you can exercise
longer and harder.   

Mitochondrial damage increases with age which reduces your ATP production.
 This is reflected in a compromised
metabolism which leads to weight gain, muscle soreness, fatigue, heart disease,
and even Alzheimer’s.
 A compromised metabolism further decreases the
number of mitochondria you have as well as your body’sability to make more mitochondria.

Here are three supplements that will help increase mitochondria production and
efficiency as well as reverse the “wear and tear” of age on your metabolism: Resveratrol, D-Ribose, and ubiquinol.

1.  Resveratrol supports healthy
mitochondrial production, allows your body to handle stress effectively and
serves as a powerful antioxidant, which leads to a greater overall benefit from

 Animal studies on Resveratrol published in Fortune Magazine in 2007,
involved mice that were fed high-calorie diets.  The mice that were fed
high doses of Resveratrol showed the benefits of a healthy, calorie-reduced
diet, as well as increased endurance.  Resveratrol clearly has a positive
impact on obesity by increasing energy and hindering fat storage.

2.  D-Ribose
is a sugar that is the structural backbone of ATP and directly controls the
supply of ATP in our cells. If there are limited building materials, there is limited
production of ATP. Dr. Ron Terjung’s
research shows that D-Ribose increases the rate of recovery in fatigued muscles
by 340-420%!
 He also noted that small amounts of D-Ribose help the
muscle cell preserve energy.  This
supplement is essential for exercise endurance, energy recovery and muscle

3.  Ubiquinol
is the form of CoQ10 (Coenzyme Q10) that the body uses for energy and is
essential for optimal ATP production.  Aging impairs our body’s ability to
convert CoQ10 to ubiquinol and many chronic diseases are associated with low
levels of CoQ10 (such as chronic fatigue, congestive heart failure, and
Parkinson’s disease.)  Studies in 2006 and 2007 showed that ubiquinol enhances energy and stamina
5-fold over your baseline and delays age-related physical decline.
ubiquinol supplements directly support your energy production.  

Nutritional supplementation is essential to enhance cellular
energy production and increase overall energy levels. You may never be 21
again, but you can feel young again!


(c) 2010- Integrative Health Care, PC

Would you like to use this article? You may as long as you use the following information along with the article: Dr. Ann Lovick

Ann Lovick, NMD, specializes in comprehensive women’s health
care. She focuses on the diseases and conditions that affect women
throughout th

eir life, providing natural and effective treatments and
prevention strategies.  Dr. Lovick is also an educator, football
fan, and triathlete. She can be reached at

Great Start Protein Shake

Not enough time
for breakfast? Try this blended 30-second shake:

2 scoops whey protein
tbsp ground flax
1 banana (or 2/3 cup of mixed berries – fresh or
1 cup cold water

Mix in a blender and enjoy!

Things We LOVE

race results1.  HipMomsGoGreen.com is a website started
by Arizona
mom, Nickie Knight. She shares great tips for living a healthier and
 We love that!  And our very own Dr. Wazny is a frequent
contributor. Check out all things green on Nickie’s website.

2. Voluntourism is the way to vacation these days! Give your family the experience of a lifetime and go to your dream destination to help others! We love childtours.com – it’s a great resource for families with younger children.

3.  Our new website www.MyIntegrativeHealth.com
is live!
It’s interactive, it’s positive, and a great place for you to share your thoughtsCome and visit our site – we’d love to hear from you!

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