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August 5, 2010
Volume 2, Issue 16

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A Note From Dr. Christianson
  Dr. Christianson
Hi  ! 

I hope you don’t mind that I share this with you.  When I was a toddler I was epileptic.  This left my fine motor skills lacking.  Learning to tie my own shoes didn’t come easily and learning to write was a nightmare.  I was also the worst by far at running or sports.  (Now you know why I take such pleasure in doing athletic or unusual activities such as unicycling.) 


But writing was definitely the worst part about school.  In elementary school, writing sentences was used as a punishment for my poor writing ability.  If you are one of the MANY who have been patient with my handwriting, thank you.  Starting September 15th, I plan to never write anything ever again!….Well that’s not totally realistic, but pretty close.  


For the last ten years, I’ve envisioned having Integrative Health be paperless.   Now we’re taking steps to finally do it.  I am so excited to have this dream finally come true!


So now you don’t have to try to decipher my writing any longer!  You will be offered a summary of each visit’s recommendations and will be given the option of receiving this via a secure private account that will allow you access to your records anytime.  If you are willing to forgo paper, we’ll also send receipts, lab copies and all other info through this system.  If you are really serious of letting go of paper, we’ll even plant something in your name. 


Dr. Wazny has led the way on this.  Like he has, expect to see Dr. Lovick and myself carrying laptops and charts with us for the next few months and soon, just laptops.  I have already started charting in the system this week and it has been no slower and much simpler and clearer for everyone.  


In good health,

Dr.  Christianson



P.S. –  Our new website www.MyIntegrativeHealth.com is live! It’s interactive, it’s positive, and a great place for you to share your thoughts.  Please come and visit the site – I’d love to hear from you!


Fight Fatigue with 6 Easy Steps


One of the more common questions I hear at the office is “How can I give myself more energy?” To achieve this the best starting place is to discover why you are tired in the first place.   How much sleep are you getting?  Are you drinking a daily dose of caffeine?  How much sitting down do you really do?


I challenge you to try 1 month of the following steps and see if you’re still tired.  You’d be amazed how often debilitating fatigue can be from simple lifestyle issues….and how EASY it is to gain your energy back!


(c) 2010- Integrative Health Care, PC

Would you like to use this article? You may as long as you use the following information along with the article: 

Alan Christianson, NMD, is founder and President of Integrative Health in Scottsdale, AZ. Integrative Health offers a fresh approach to living well by using a novel formula for science-based natural medicine. His team of physicians discovers the cause of each patient’s troubling symptoms and protects their long-term health and quality of life.

Dr. Christianson’s primary focus is diagnosing hidden cases of thyroid disease and assisting those already diagnosed to resolve hypothyroid symptoms including weight gain, fatigue and hair loss.

Currently, he is co-authoring ‘The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Thyroid’, for Penguin publishers, due for publication in mid-2011. 



Recipe – Plantains


 In Costa Rica plantains were served with every meal, this photo shows a typical Costa Rican Breakfast (corn tortillas, rice, beans, eggs, yucca root, and plantains).  They taste great, much like bananas and are a great source of potassium and magnesium.  I researched and found that, unlike bananas, they are an extremely low glycemic food.  


Their glycemic index rating is 34 on most scales…this is lower than most beans!  You can find them in many supermarkets.  They ripen fast like bananas.  


When they are ripe, peel them.  The skin is tougher than bananas, so you may need a little help from a knife.


There are a variety of ways to cook them.  But the way I like is healthier than the fried version usually served in restaurants.


Cut them into roughly 1 inch slices and boil for 5 minutes.  


They can be served in a stir fry, added to oatmeal or they can be served plain as a great side dish.  


My kids even love them and they are one of the best carbohydrates I have ever found for keeping blood sugar stable. 

In Good Health,
Dr. Alan Christianson

Things We LOVE



solar1)  Sungevity – home solar power.  Dr. Christianson is so excited about this company, he’s installing their system on his home.  They lease systems that generate electricity for your home.  They guarantee that the lease payment will be much lower than the savings you’ll get off of your energy bill each month.   http://www.sungevity.com/


2) Plantains – This versatile carbohydrate will make any meal more festive!


3) Dr. Wazny and Dr. Lovick in the news.  Dr. Wazny was recently featured in Phoenix Woman Magazine.  Dr. Lovick shared her insight about how to provide allergy relief on the Holistic Health Show.  Congratulations to both of them!

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