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December 6, 2012
January 30, 2013

Wet Socks for Hot Immunity!

reflexology11 Here’s a cool way to get over that nagging cold, flu or bronchitis. No pills, no cost and no side effects. I promise.

Before bed tonight, get your materials ready. All you need is a pair of thin, ankle height cotton socks and a pair of thick heavy wool socks.

Do your nighttime ritual and get all ready for bed.

1. Take the cotton socks, rinse the lower half of the socks in the sink under lukewarm water. Get the socks wet from mid-foot to the toes.

2. Wring them out thoroughly. Really thoroughly.

3. Put on the wet cotton socks.

4. Put the wool socks over the top.

5. Go to bed and expect a nice deep night’s sleep.

This is an old trick from the European medical spas of the 1800’s. Here’s how it works: when your skin is wet, your body increases its blood supply to dry it. The wool layer over the top prevents you from being chilled even though you are wet.

Ever seen all the reflexology and acupuncture points on your feet? Think about how great it feels to have them rubbed. They are covered in nerve endings. When you increase the blood supply to your feet, your immunity gets stronger and your body’s detoxification systems work better.

This is also a great trick for anytime you’re feeling run down or like you’re on the edge of getting sick.

Sweet Dreams!

Dr. C

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