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Which foods make your body happiest

In the modern world, you now have the unprecedented situation of putting real thought into what you eat.

This is now the most important health-related decision you can make.

Many aspects of a healthy diet apply to anyone. Don’t eat too many calories. Eat enough protein and fiber. Have lots of veggies every day. Be aware of high priority organic foods.

Did you know that some of the most critical food decisions apply to you in unique ways?

Nearly all the health crisis we try to avoid are caused by inflammation. This list includes obesity, diabetes, early death, cancer, aging skin and chronic pain.

Inflammation is controlled by your immune system. It is constantly raising or lowering your total inflammation.

Along with nutrients, food contains information for your immune system. This information can either help it or stress it.

Food allergies and food intolerances are situations when food stresses your immunity. These reactions are important to know about and avoid. Just as important is identifying which foods are most helpful to your immunity.

You have a unique menu of vegetables, protein foods and fruits that will help your immune systems lower inflammation. If you have good digestion, this list might also extend to dairy foods, nuts and seeds, grains and legumes.

If you’re not sure what the best foods are for you, there are two ways to find out:

1. Elimination/reintroduction

2. Testing.

Elimination/reintroduction involves limiting your diet to foods that are generally good for immune function for most people and then gradually testing other foods. In a common protocol, only lamb, rice, apples and greens are eaten for 10 days. Then, other foods are added in 1 at a time with each new food being given 5 days to watch for new symptoms. This process can work well but does take some time and patience.

Tests are available to quickly see which foods fit the best with your body. The best tests measure the immune response in two different ways, IgE and IgG4. Not all methods of testing are equally accurate. Doctors can easily evaluate by spending their own money on split samples. When these are done, the same person’s blood is tested different times under different names.

For example, Doctor X could have 2 samples of blood taken from Jane. He could send sample 1 of Jane’s blood in with Jane’s name on it and sample 2 of Jane’s blood could be sent in with the name Lisa.

When the process is accurate, both results are identical. When it is not, they are different.  When you get tested, ask to see split samples so you know the results will be accurate.

Some who have poor digestion only have a short list of safe foods. Doctors who are skilled in food compatibility can help heal digestion so more foods are compatible. This means you can have a longer list of foods you do well with.

To feel great and look great, take into account all the good advice on which foods are best. Then learn which foods are best for you!

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