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Who Hates Exercise?

Yesterday I got to talk to a bunch of amazing people at a event training High Performance Coaches.

Many talked about their health and daily habits. Most said they loved exercise, some said they hated it. Those who loved it described how they find themselves lost in a state of ‘flow’ and get totally absorbed in the moment. Those who hated it said that they didn’t like it because of their performance or discomfort.

It happens that I’m reading a book about why we enjoy some things more than others and how we can create more enjoyment in everyday life.

When I asked the exercise lovers about whether they had no aches and pains or whether they had exceptional performance, this did not seem to be the case.

The book I’m reading suggests that what we like is not a function of how effortless or how easy it is but rather what goes on inside our mind while we do it. The cool news is this may be the easiest part to change!

Want to know how to make exercise fun?

Pay close attention.

No, I mean pay close attention is the answer. The more you absorb your mind in small details, the more you move into a flow state.

Try being aware of silly little things like:
— which side of you body moves most easily
— whether your breath can sync with your movement
— if certain movements remind you of animal movements.

The more games you can play in your head, the more fun you will have.

Try it and please comment below how it works.

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