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March 19, 2013
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March 25, 2013

Yoga for Apnea?

Are you more tired than you should be? Do you get edgy too easily? Are you prone to headaches in the morning?


Something you may not have thought to be a possible culprit is sleep apnea. We suspect this with the above symptoms. This is more suspicious when someone is known to snore, have trouble staying asleep, or breathe erratically at night.

Here’s a quirky hint that you might have apnea: your dreams may be clues. Even though we are asleep, our brain retains some awareness of our body’s experience as we dream. Oftentimes these experiences are translated into our dreams. Ever dream of trying to find a bathroom before waking up and using one for real? This is a great example.

Dreams of flying, dreams of being underwater, dreams of smoking or breathing through a straw can all be common signs of apnea.

Apnea is a big deal. It raises the risk for stroke, dementia and heart attacks. Oh yeah, it can also cause weight gain.

Classic apnea sufferers are male, overweight, alcohol users and stressed. Yet younger, lean, non-drinking females can still have it.

Many who have suspected apnea have been resistant to do any thing about it for fear of having to struggle with the breathing devices called CPAP machines.  Since apnea is related to muscular weakness of the throat, many suspected that exercises could help with it without the need to sleep in a diving apparatus.

image.axdSeveral large studies have shown that this can work. Some involved detailed specific exercises, some involved normal training in musical wind instruments. One showed that playing the Didgeridoo can work also. Likely the loincloth is optional.

If you have suspected apnea, take is seriously. Those who suffer from it report life changing benefits when it improves.

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